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Specialises in: Oracle Card readings, Healing, Energy clearing

Available: In the Sheffield area by appointment.

Due to overwhelming demand, please pre–book an appointment. A deposit will be required upon booking.

Caroline is an empath, she is able to answer life's questions through her oracle card readings, she wil also offer you glimpses into your past and present situations and guide you in your future plans. Her friendly and approachable nature make her an ideal confidant for people from all walks of life. Caroline is also experienced in spiritual motivational speaking/workshops and Vibrational Life Coaching.

More information about Caroline

Since being a young girl, Caroline always felt different. She was extremely over-sensitive to everything, from smells, to sounds, to people and animals, particularly the latter; she felt she could sense their emotions.
​As a hormone riddled teenager, she used to affect electricity to the point where she was banned from touching big appliances around the home as they would literally blow up, never to work again. 
​By her twenties she would, on occasions, suddenly become depressed for no apparent reason, then discover within a couple of days that a family friend had passed. After suppressing her spiritual gifts for three decades she has since allowed herself to accept who she is. When in her thirties the spiritual activity that she so misunderstood in her earlier years began to surface, opening the floodgates to a tidal wave of healing, emphatic, intuitive, psychic and divine energy. 
​Now in her early forties she is confident, wise and happy! She is now known as The Predictionista-the sophisticated psychic.

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