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Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Program


Epiphany-Slim(TM) is a safe and healthy weight loss programme which trains your mind to monitor your approach to food and helps you to alter your eating habits so that you are more easily able to slim down to your goal weight and maintain that weight. It is not a 'lose weight fast' unhealthy diet or a series of strenuous exercises that you are unable to keep up. It does encourage you to eat less and more healthily and use your new found energy to enjoy life while taking the exercise you need.

We have various different approaches to suit most people.

An Epiphany-Slim(TM) programme consists of:

Free initial consultation to assess whether the programme is right for you or whether other things need to be addressed first.

Five Epiphany-Slim(TM) Hypnosis sessions.

One follow up session

Email and Facebook group support throughout your weight loss and goal maintaining period.

Full Epiphany-Slim(TM) programme at the introductory price of £200 vaild from 30th June to 30th July only, you may book in advance.


Book your free consultation today, there is no obligation to embark on the Epiphany-Slim(TM) programme. Telephone 07543677250

Please read the disclaimer below.

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Disclaimer: This programme takes a certain amount of will-power by the client. Firstly the client must really want to slim, it is no good saying 'I wish I was slim', you need to be saying 'I will be slim' and really mean it. The client must be able follow the instructions they are given. Please note: Sometimes a client has undrlying issues that are preventing them from losing weight which may need to be addressed before they can embark on the Epiphany-Slim(TM) programme.
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